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Planners Network UK (pnuk) is a collective of practitioners, students, academics and activists that wants to develop and support critical thinking about the current state of planning in the UK.

We want to establish the basis for connecting all those concerned about the current climate of debate. We use our website to develop resources to support that critical thinking and to stimulate debate about alternatives to the dominance of market-driven planning.

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: A third PNUK manifesto event will be held at Queen's University Belfast from 5-7 on the 21st of May. Download a pdf flyer here, or find further details on our wiki here.

: Following our successful manifesto event in Sheffield Bob Colenutt and Jamie Gough have prepared a short piece 'In Defence of Democratic Planning', download a word version here.

: The second PNUK manifesto event was held at the Dept of Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield on the afternoon of Friday the 1st of March. You can read a summary of the discussion here.

: The first PNUK manifesto event was held at the TCPA in London on the afternoon of the 5th of February. Find further details about the manifesto and event here.

: A group of PNUK members have put together a discussion draft of a "manifesto for planning and land reform". We hope that the manifesto will generate debate and discussion about the state of planning and the scope for radical, alternative approaches. We would welcome comments and discussion and will be holding events in London and Sheffield in either late 2012 or early 2013 to debate the ideas in the manifesto. Download a copy from the wiki here and let us know what you think.

: PNUK members contributed to a session on justice and planning at the Planning Law and Property Rights Conference in Belfast in February, 2012. Details of the presentations can be found here.

: Following discussion on our mailing list we have produced a page on 'people's planning' initiatives. See the page here, or our wiki here. If you have details of other community-led plans then let us know.

PNUK held meetings in London on the 15th of March, 2011 and Birmingham on the 24th of May, 2011 on the threat to progressive planning posed by the Con-Dem government's reforms. Read about them here.

:Read the letter sent by a group of PNUK members to The Guardian following George Osborne's attack on planning in the budget here.

: Clare Colomb from University College London has composed a reading list on the economic crisis and its impacts on cities. Read and contribute to the list on our wiki here.

: A new book on planning in London has been published featuring a chapter by pnuk member Michael Edwards on people's involvement in plan-making. The book can be downloaded free here or an eprint of Michael's chapter can be found here.

: PNUK have held various events and produced a range of publications in the last few years. You can find details of them here.

: If you have any news or content that you would like to see on these pages please get in touch