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Below is a list of links we think might be interesting and useful. We are always looking out for new and interesting initiatives so if you or your organisation would like to appear on our links page please contact us:

pnuk stuff:

pnuk wikispace: A wiki site that we hope to use to develop more open forms of on-line collaboration (for enquiries about joining the wiki site please email andy)

other networks:

Planners Network North America: The longer established North American network

International Network for Urban Research and Action (INURA): Network for action and research on Urban and Regional issues

Commonwealth Association of Planners:

Friends of the Earth pages on planning:

Planning Democracy: a network campaigning for improved public participation in Scottish planning:


Michael Edwards blog: Blog by member of pnuk's steering group

Urblog: Blog on urban issues

The struggle for the city: linking struggles for the city worldwide:


Project researching non-capitalist, collective forms of politics, identity and citizenship:

Project based at Sheffield University aiming to explore links between British and French planning:

activist organisations/ campaigns:

A coalition of council tenants, residents and supporters fighting Leeds City Council's plans to sell off and demolish 100s of people's homes under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI):

Network aiming to raise awareness about the impacts of London Olympic development processes:

The land is ours campaigns for access to the land:

Gamesmonitor is a network raising awareness about the impacts of the 2014 Commonweatlth Games in Glasgow:

Lammas: low impact eco-village project in South Wales:

Fight for our homes - uniting campaigners against the "pathfinder" programme in England:

Open Dalston - fighting to save the heritage of Dalston, East London:


: Updated 8 June, 2010

: If you or your organisation would like to appear on our links page please contact us.